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A beautiful sunset from Muckleburgh Hill in North Norfolk

Wild camping in North Norfolk

So this weekend I did something a bit controversial, I wild camped near the North Norfolk Coast. It’s a funny one because whilst I am certain I am not the only one doing it, it isn’t strictly legal.

Wild camping in North Norfolk, much like everywhere else in the UK is generally frowned upon and considered to be trespassing, however I for one love the outdoors for all of its beauty and I enjoy immersing myself in it. At no point would I ever consider damaging it and thus make sure that no mark is ever left.

I’m not going to say where I stayed in this post as any numpty with half an ability to read an OS map should be able to work out a site for themselves, if you can’t then you shouldn’t be doing it. With that said, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out from the photos.

Apologies if this post makes little to no sense. On top of my usual grammatical faux pas I am bloomin knackered from a sleepless night (no one said Wild Camping was luxurious).

Wild camping in North Norfolk – the best way to photograph a sunset and sunrise

Moments after moonset

The idea behind this trip was to spend a decent amount of time in a single day photographing my favorite areas of the coastline. Wild camping in North Norfolk gives a landscape photographer the time they need to soak up all the beautiful scenes that present themselves. I had a rubbish night sleep because the wind was pretty hectic and kept me awake most of the night, so at about 2am after the moon had set I arose and made my way up to photograph this scene. I used the light pollution from Sheringham to act as back light for the trees. Shot at iso 3200 for 30 seconds.

Wild camping in north norfolk gives you amazing potentials to get a sunrise like this photo

With a weekend filled with awesome weather on the cards I jumped at the opportunity to Wild camp somewhere new and discover some more hidden gems. The water was freezing cold when I took this shot (above). I went in barefoot so not to soak my boots but regretted that decision almost immediately. However as the sun poked it’s way up it would seem as though it was worth it. Shot at 55mm to give the sun a bigger size and 2x ND4 filters to slow the water down.

The windmill near Weybourne with early mist behind it.

Walking back to get the train from Sheringham, I noticed that some mist was hovering about before the first light could burn it off. I quickly snapped this shot. I’ve wanted to photograph this mill in a different way that might not have been done before, instead of from the road.

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