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roman settlement in norfolk venta icenorum at sunrise

Venta Icenorum – A winter wonderland in Norfolk

It’s not very often that you have the feeling deep down that you’re on to a winner, but this morning as soon as I left the house and saw the sky I knew I was finally in for good luck.

Stunning Morning

Oh how this morning delivered the goods! The light, the frost, the wind – everything was perfect. Such a success compared to the trip to Wells in search of the Northern Lights earlier in the week.

Wrapped up I headed down to Venta Icenorum, the roman settlement remains in Caister St Edmund. I’ve been saving this one up for the light to be in the right place and after initially planning on venturing further afield when mist was forecasted, I’m glad I changed my mind.

I knew the stack in the foreground needed some more elements to make an interesting photo and the sky lit up like a pastel colour painting. I love the combination of subtle tones and white frost, they give a really clear contrast to the image. I originally saw these sort of colours in Stephen Mole’s photos and new I wanted to recreate them. Today I was blessed with the chance to do so.

I had to move quickly as usual. Whilst I had set up for the photograph above I noticed a bit of residual mist/haziness over the centre of the settlement with a church in the background. I quickly altered things to try to photograph this but I couldn’t do it justice and abandoned ship. Getting my tripod back in place for this I shot three sets of exposures focussing on the immediate foreground, the middle and background respectively. I then blended them in together in Photoshop to get a nice and sharp image.

Shot at 31mm 0.3/0.6/1.3 Sec F6.3 Iso 250.

pair of swans on a frosty river tas in norfolk

Early birds

Moving around wanting to make sure I photographed the most out of the occasion as I could, I noticed a couple of swans in the River Tas. They lined up nicely for me after a few frames and a bit of recomposition to give me this delight.

Single exposure: 1/30 Sec f6.3 ISO 320 at 38mm

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