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tyre tread wear as thin as a shoelace can be dangerous

Tyre tread campaign marketing photo

Conceptual imaging to illustrate the scale that tyre tread has to wear before it becomes unsafe

Did you know that all it takes is roughly the same depth as a shoelace to render tyre tread ineffective in wet weather. According to the ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), stopping distances in the wet start to increase dramatically at tyre tread depths of below 3mm.

I was asked to produce some images that illustrated this effectively for some marketing in Norwich and Norfolk. Established Tyre and Exhaust fitting company Fast Fit are running a campaign to encourage motorists to check their tyre tread for wear in preparation for winter. Whilst this image wasn’t used in the end, keep your eyes ‘peeled’ for something on the back of Norwich buses in the coming weeks.

The idea behind the image was to create something dramatic and eye catching to compliment the text along side it. Sometimes the advertising on the back of buses can be a bit plain so I wanted to create something ‘jazzy’. Buying these lovely and tasteful high heels in a charity shop was an interesting experience to say the least, but capturing the image itself wasn’t too difficult.

Photo Techniques – Lighting Set up

Lighting set up to illustrate the drop in tyre tread

Check out the snap my better half took whilst I was taking this photo for the tyre tread campaign. I made a nice watery/muddy mixture from some top soil and strategically poured it over the shoes. I used two unmodified speedlights at 45 degree angles to create edgy light (I do like some nice edgy light) and a third speedlight fired through a lastolite brolly to bring out the mid tones and white background.

Using speedlights on nearly full power and compensating with shutter speed etc creates a nice contrasty image, but I still pushed it through photoshop to really boost the levels and add some blue tonality. I also had to paint out the frames of the white boards – I didn’t fancy getting a background all muddy.

an unedited version of the tyre tread campaign image

1/250 f11 iso160 D7000+ 35mm f1.8

Processing the image through photoshop also allowed me to clean up some of the more random soil. Overall I am really happy with this image, even though it hasn’t been used. We all agreed that whilst it was vivid and eye catching, it didn’t clearly show the message that was intended, so for now it can remain in my personal portfolio.



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