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Thurlestone Beach Walk at sunrset

Thurlestone Beach Walk and Sunset

There is a really nice Thurlestone Beach walk that takes in dramatic cliff views, Outer Hope’s tranquil lifestyle and the famous Thurlestone Rock. This is a good walk for taking less experienced walkers on but also offers good potential to keep photographers entertained as well.

Outer Hope to Thurlestone Beach Walk


Parking at Outer Hope adds just enough to the walk for less experienced to enjoy themselves without being too short for regular walkers. The charges aren’t cheap unfortunately but the car park is relatively safe. This walk should take about 2 hours to complete, not including any photography time. The best time to do it is either early or late in the year (Nov – Feb) for a photography point of view as the sun will set behind Thurlestone Rock.

At the moment, there is a slight detour coming out of Hope but this adds very little time. Out of the car park, follow the road back up to the next footpath that goes up a gravel track behind some houses. This track narrows and joins on to the main South West Coast Path which is very well signposted. Follow the track up and over the hill along a dramatic bit of coastline with great views back towards Hope Cove.

The next section is also diverted due to building work but is well maintained and ends up on the road at South Milton Sands. Following the track behind the sand dunes, you can take a leisurely stroll along the level ground admiring the interesting landscape around Thurlestone Sand and the wetlands (worth taking some binoculars if you’re in to that sort of thing). At the edge of the golf club, take the path to the left which adds a small loop before rejoining the road up and over a small hill.

Sunset at Thurlestone Sands

If you have timed things well, the tide will be low as the sun sets behind the rock (I didn’t). With a flask of hot chocolate, friends and family can sit on the beach whilst you snap away. The short walk back to Outer Hope can be done in the available light after the sun has set but it is still recommended that you take a torch.

Thurlestone Beach Walk with a Sunset

The path down to the golf club at SX676420 is sandy but easy to walk. Much of this walk is actually on hard mud paths and tracks with the obvious sandy alternatives if you wish.

Walking on Thurlestone Beach

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