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My Second place winning submission for the Plymouth RIBA Photography competition

The Fluid Appropriator – 2010 RIBA Photography Competition

Whilst going through some old work I found my submission for the 2010 RIBA Plymouth Architectural photography competition.

Plymouth is fragmented both physically and socially due to its, topography and demography. Yet ironically the entity that is re-stitching the urban fabric, the Appropriator, has a subversive stigma. The composition reflects the fragmentation and expresses the severance from society associated with the skater, who glides through and reconnects the city.

My efforts got me second place which was really great to hear. It really gave me a buzz and  was the icing on the cake for my time at university, as it came right at the end as I graduated.

The submissions were printed in a book that can be found across the south west in places like the Bristol Architecture Centre and were judged by Jeremy Gould, a professor from my university who is a Brutalist/Modernist architect, and I was apprehensive about how he would appreciate the concept.

Thanks to Jim Weatherhead for being my model and good friend whilst locked away in the studio desperately building models and stopping me from stressing too much.


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