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From the source – Venford Brook Microadventure

Thursday night saw me packing a bag for the third Dartmoor trip this week. That’s a pretty good week by any standards. Sat at my desk the following morning, I started to think about what I was going to do. I had a free evening with no restrictions.

After a week of watching Anna McNuff videos about wild camping and reading blogs about week day microadventures, I had this idea about tracing the Venford Brook from its source right the way down to its confluence with the River Dart.


Map screenshot from OS Mapfinder App.

Venford Brook Microadventure

The little brook that runs down from Venford reservoir has provided me with loads of photos over the years and it is probably one of my favourite spots on the whole moor. The little waterfall is just gorgeous and it is easy to picture yourself in some far away remote wilderness rather than a few miles away from urban Ashburton and Newton Abbot.

So, I had decided where to go. Whilst sorting my kit the night before I stumbled across the little fish eye lens for my Sony Z5 smartphone. As I was following a little brook it seemed fun to document it from a ‘fish’s eye’ perspective… getit?

Below is a stream (sorry) of photos from top to bottom. I did my best to trace it closely but the summer fern growth made it difficult so there was a bit of zig zagging.

There was a serious point to this little microadventure though. This is a spot that I have visited many times I wanted to see what else I could discover. The brook actually starts a kilometer to the south. It turns out that there was loads of little nooks and crannies that I would never have explored otherwise.

The lesson is, no matter how well you know somewhere, it is always worth going off the beaten track and finding out what’s around the next corner. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re off the path, we always stumble across it again in the end.

Venford Source-160819-01


Venford Source-160819-02


Venford Source-160819-03

Venford Source-160819-04

Venford Source-160819-05

Venford Source-160819-06

Venford Source-160819-07

Venford Source-160819-08

Venford Source-160819-09

Venford Source-160819-10

Venford Source-160819-11

Venford Source-160819-12

Venford Source-160819-13

Venford Source-160819-14

Venford Source-160819-15

Venford Source-160819-16

Venford Source-160819-17

Venford Source-160819-18

Venford Source-160819-20

Venford Source-160819-19


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