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Sunset over the Teign Estuary in Devon

Six weeks in the making [perseverance]

A lesson in perseverance. Landscape photography never comes easy and as photographers we are often met with disappointment. The photo above has taken me six weeks to capture.

Why patience is the greatest virtue in landscape photography

20th June 2016

Long black and white exposure at Coombe Cellars

Cast back to June where the wife and I were sat at Coombe Cellars waiting for sunset. The sky looked promising with a high base level and lots of breaks in it. Half an hour before sunset however, the clouds thickened dramatically and all seemed to be a write off. I grabbed a few long exposures (see above) but promptly packed a chilly wife in to the car to head home.

Only 10 minutes down the road, the whole sky lit up a vibrant pink and orange in one of the most spectacular shows that I have ever seen. With no way of turning around and no where to get to quickly, the short spectacle ended before I had a chance to capture it.

I was frustrated because I know how important it is to wait 10-15 minutes after sunset but I broke my own rule.

“There’ll be another one” said the wife. I knew she was right but I couldn’t shrug the feeling that I had missed out on something.

8th July 2016

Combe Cellars-160708-01

For the next six weeks I watched the forecast like a hawk and with every opportunity, I headed back to the same spot knowing that the image was still possible. Each time I left with disappointment.

11th July

Combe Cellars-160711-01

Whilst I got a decent photo out of each visit, each time with something interesting happening, I still had a thirst for the blistering sunset. Thankfully on Sunday night, it all fell in to place again.

The most important lesson in Landscape Photography

TAKE YOUR TIME. What’s the rush? What difference does another 15 minutes make? Just hold out and wait. You never know what’s coming.

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