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Golden sidelight on sheep early in the morning on Sittaford Tor

Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor Wild Camp

I have had such a hectic few weeks (months) with getting married, moving back to Devon and spending a lot of time working on the house. As a result, it’s been really hard to find time to get out properly but yesterday I made a snap decision and headed for a spot on the moor that I know well.

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Sittaford Tor Wild Camping

Sittaford Tor is a funny one because there is a lot of animals grazing around the area. This causes a lot of animal tracks and it’s always easy to bear off along one of these instead of sticking to the main path. I also remember from Ten Tors days that the farmer who owns this land needs respecting so any activities that you do MUST go unnoticed!

Evening view as the clouds rolled in on Sittaford Tor

The evening was almost a total disappointment. I parked up at the small car pack on the corner of Bellever forest (Princetown side of a Postbridge). The walk up through the forest was lovely and warm, and some of the clouds looked to set up a perfect sunset shot. By the time I had set up the weather turned for the worse but I did manage to grab a cool shot.

Sunrise on Sittaford Tor

I poked my head out at 5am and was greeted with near-zero visibility so rolled back over and snoozed. Luckily I had another look half an hour later because it all got a bit hectic! Cloud inversions popping up all around me and the sun bursting out over Fenworthy Forest. The morning really made the whole trip worthwhile!

The top image was one of those that just fell into place right in front of me. Shot at 1/50sec, f9, iso 400 on a tripod. The sheep, the clouds, the golden side light – all seemed too good to be true! It goes to show how much you have to put yourself in the position to be in with a shot (excuse the pun) of getting a good image. Minimal processing, just a few tweaks in Lightroom and a tighter crop.

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