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haytor landscape photograph

Some recent landscape photography work

I haven’t had 5 minutes to sit down and write a blog all week even though I’ve been out with the camera doing a fair bit of landscape photography. Rather than ramble on about each one I figured it would be best (easiest) to pop them all in one place.

The image above was the result of a quick trip up to the moor one evening. I had aimed to get up there as the golden light was in full swing but I missed it. Hanging around until after the sunset I hoped that I would get some nice colours at the least but that never happened either so rather than let it be a complete waste of time I tried to mix things up a bit. 4 exposures at 14mm f7.1 all blended and processed in Photoshop.

Dartmoor landscape photography

clouds moving over the dartmoor landscape photography

Whilst I was waiting, I did get some cool motion in the clouds. Most of the colour is from the 2x 8ND  and a graduated filter. Exposures ranging from 13 seconds to 30 seconds at f9 iso100. As is the way with landscape photography, sometimes the light works, sometimes it doesn’t

Plymouth Firework Competition 2014

Plymouth firework competition 2014 Plymouth firework competition 2014


Working backwards, the wife and I went down to Plymouth to watch the first night of the 2014 Firework Competition. The top shot is actually a combination of 9 images blended (Photoshop layer > lighten) to create a stack of images plus a base exposure of the city scape. The Staddiscombe hillside was FULL of photographers, unsurprisingly. One thing that struck us was how cold it became, what happened to balmy summer evenings?!!

The bottom image is plain good old fashion long exposure. No photoshop magic, just 8 seconds f9 iso200. It took a few attempts to get the exposure dialled because metering goes out of the window with all the flashes. Very much trial and error.

North Devon landscape photography

large panoramic of Mortehoe point in North DevonLast but not least, I was on the North coast earlier in the week as well. As the squally showers kept coming in following hurricane Bertha I wanted to go up and get a shot of the contrasty light and moody seas. The forecast 8ft surf wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped so I headed around Mortehoe Point near Woolacombe to photograph the amazing textures. I shot this with the Nikon 50mm 1.4 with 9 images in portrait and merged them to a massive 50mp panoramic. Would look ace as a big print, the inspiration came from a photography exhibition I saw in Kingsbridge. I can’t remember the photographers name, Mike H.. something? If anyone can help, please drop me a comment!


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