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Scott Cordy Stanton Rider

Portrait Photos of Stanton Rider Scott Cordy

Before we headed down to the UEA 5by3 XC race last weekend, I convinced Scott to model for me as he prep’d his bike. The idea was to get some gritty black and white portrait photos of him and his fantastic beard.

Scott is known for having a somewhat fiery attitude who doesn’t take any BS and I was keen to show that. On top of this he is one of the few Norwich mountain bikers who is what I like to call a privateer. Taking portrait photos of Scott and catching the cheeky glint in his eye was always going to require my favourite edgy light. Taking inspiration from a photo I saw of a recent review of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 by Profession Photographer mag, I wanted to emphasize his great beard but also draw attention to his eyes.

Scott Cordy working on his bikes

We had already agreed to meet early, but it just so happened that I when I arrived I woke a slightly hungover model up. I fed him a bacon sandwich and truth be told, the rough look was exactly what I was going for so I wasn’t complaining.

edgy light to emphasize the beardAs is always the case, the way I directed him lead on to a different image from planned but I enjoy taking the spur of the moment portrait photos like that. I like to capture people’s character and I find that the best way to do so is to direct them and photograph them between directions as this is when people are most natural.

Portrait Photos Lighting Set Up

Using the trusty Nikon creative lighting system is a great way to quickly dial in flash adjustments. I had a SB800 bounced off an umbrella camera left with a SB700 working as kicker light behind Scott. Finally to add a bit of fill light I placed another SB700 camera left and dropped the power down to about 1/32, the main light and kicker light were both set to TTL and pushed up a couple of stops each. Shot on a D7000 with the great Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 at 1/160, f9 iso100 to drop the ambient light right down.

2711 scott portrait photos


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