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Old Buckenham Windmill

Old Buckenham Windmill

Last week I took advantage of the changeable weather and headed out on the bike. I was aiming for New Buckenham Castle, about 20 miles away from Norwich which was hard work cycling in to a relentless headwind the whole way.

However when I got there, I discovered that the castle grounds where actually locked! Not to let this small disaster stop me (I had already cycled that far) I carried on to Old Buckenham just a few miles further.

This windmill was in the back of someones garden, but carrying on down the road for a couple of yards opens up to a field with a great view back with a lovely foreground.

Photo Techniques – Dynamic Landscape photography

Old Buckenham Windmill

0.6 Sec f20 iso 100

With a lot of movement from the wind and clouds, I wanted to make sure the energy was transferred in to the photograph. I shot the image with an 8x ND filter and a small aperture to control the amount of light entering the camera, and blur the foreground. Normally shooting at f20 is best avoided because you’ll lose sharpness as a result of diffraction, but needs must and there was a lot of ambient light around. Waiting for the dark clouds to be in the perfect position, and the sun to shine from behind to light up the scene took a while but was worth it. I shot a number of images to make sure I got the flowers and grass moving just how I wanted it.

Set up of Old Buckenham Windmill

Processing wise, I tweaked the layers a bit to pull back some lower end detail and cooled the image out a bit. I couldn’t see the result of the white balance settings in the field with the sun behind me, but thanks to shooting RAW, white balance is easy to rectify.

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