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a photo I got when looking for the northern lights

Where are the northern lights?

I gave up hunting for the northern lights on Thursday night and put together a shot of my friend that I have been wanting to do for a while. I told myself that even if the Aurora didn’t show then at least I would get some cool photos of the stars but the moon was so bright that it was illuminating the low cloud and diluting the stars somewhat.

dissapointing lack of the northern lights

Aurora missed the sign post for Norfolk

Obviously the Aurora/solar storm wasn’t as powerful as experts had originally thought on Thursday as we didn’t get a glimpse of anything even at 2am. Part of the problem was some low cloud over the north sea which would have reduced the chances anyway. Part of photography is getting yourself in to potential situations otherwise you spend you whole life wishing. On the plus side I did get to try out some more new gear before a trip to the peaks later on in February.

Kim Price got some photos up on the Mirror’s website where it seemed to touch base in Llangollen, although these could be old images.

Kim Price's photo of the Northern Lights in Llangollen

Kim Price’s photo of the Northern Lights in Llangollen

Every cloud..

So instead of getting super cool photos of the Aurora, I asked James to model for me with a cigarette. Blasting a flash 45 degrees behind him I lit up the smoke around his face. After a couple of drags the wind changed in our favour and blew the smoke to reveal just his eye which was cool. I asked someone to hold a torch to give some detail to the rest of the image as I only had one flash with me. The torch wasn’t hugely powerful so I had to pump up the iso to 3200.

James Pitts photo shot at 1/15 f3.2 iso 3200


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