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A beatuiful photo at dusk in Sheringham on the Norfolk Coast of Norfolk

North Norfolk Coast Landscape Photography

Waking up at 3am to get a photo of the sun rising over the norfolk coast and eating too much cake.

The first thing that I can report is that Norwich Car Hire are brilliant, we got a little Peugeot 107 for £25 a day and the whole experience was a breeze. Both of the ladies working at the desk were very helpful and even suggested a few places to visit as we where out and about – I can highly recommend them, and will be using them again.

Castle Acre

We set off for Castle Acre first thing on Tuesday. This was just a recce visit as I was initially planning to drive up for sunrise on Thursday, in the end I decided to venture back up the the Norfolk Coast instead, but more on that later. The Priory at Castle Acre will make for a really nice winter photo when the frost arrives, it is in a good location for both a sunrise and a sunset photo.


After the quick visit to Castle Acre, we carried on up the A1065 to Wells, where the cloud unfortunately came down (probably because I was there) and a thick mist started to roll in. After having a bit of lunch in one of the many nice cafés on we had a poke around in the shops but my camera remained in my bag thanks to the weather. At this point, I started to get concerned that luck was against me.


Heading to Sheringham where I had previously had good luck (click here to see a photo I got on Peddars Way) thr mist started to thin and the most beautiful subtle colours started to shine through. Bolting on a ND filter I dropped the exposure down to 10 seconds and picked a low vantage point close to the edge of the water. I like the symmetry of the photo and honestly put next to no time in Photoshop with the file. Keep it Simple.

A beatuiful photo at dusk in Sheringham on the Norfolk Coast of Norfolk


For my sunrise shoot I decided to head to Holme further along the Norfolk Coast. Leaving Norwich at 4am I made good time arriving early at the car park down the end of Beach road. Getting set quickly, pulling my walking gear on I headed along Peddars Way which wiggles it’s way round the whole Norfolk coast. I could see that the light was starting to bloom, but there was a big bank of cloud in the way and I wasn’t greeted with the spectacular sunrise that I had hoped.

Sunrise at Holme on the Norfolk Coast


Old Hunstanton

Luckily Old Hunstanton was my saviour as I found the Sheraton Shipwreck. This old ship was initially a Trawler but broke free from her moorings in 1947 and washed up on the Norfolk coast. This has been photographed quite a few times and so I wanted to try and find a different angle. The main thing that struck me was the variety of textures, so I took 11 different images and focus stacked 3 different groups of exposures. Making the image black and white makes the rich textures stand out.

Sheraton Shipwreck and old Hunstanton

Back Home

To finish the little trip off, I got a nice view of Virgin’s marketing technique as I cooked up a BBQ.

Virgin Balloon

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