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A swan stretchs it's wings looking at the sunrise in mist

Misty sunrise at Whitlingham broad

So it seems as though I owe a lot to Swans. This isn’t the first time that one has come to my rescue ensuring I get something in the bag.

My alarm went off at 3:45 am (yawn) and I slid myself out of bed, put the kettle on and proceeded to pour boiling water all over my hand. Not a sensible way to wake yourself up! Either way I was soon out the door and made it to Trowse/Whitlingham by about 5am.

Mike French Foras Imaging Photographer

When I got there it was completely shrouded in mist with visibility down to about 10 feet! Not ideal for a sunrise photograph, but it soon began to thin out a bit. I shot a self portrait (don’t get too excited) whilst I drank my mug of coffee – or at least what wasn’t left from trying to melt my own hand.

Waiting for a sunrise

The mist kept creeping back up as it rolled in off the broads. One minute I could see the start of a really lovely sunrise happening and the next it was gone. This tormented me no end and it is tough not to get a bit annoyed when you’ve put the effort in to get to a location for it to be dismissed by something out of your control, but that’s landscape photography for you.

I made my way down to the waters edge hoping that it would clear a bit. As I waited, an inquisitive cygnet swam up to me obviously hoping for food. I quickly upped the ISO to allow for a faster shutter speed hoping desperately that it would stretch it’s wings.

A swan stretchs it's wings looking at the sunrise in mist

This is one of those photos that is a case of ‘right time – right place’ but there’s no avoiding the fact that you need to be an expert and able to work quickly with your camera to react to things that happen in front of you. The age old argument of landscape photography being ‘easy’  or ‘luck based’ can irritate me because the hard work and effort goes into getting to the right place, but it is not without photographic skill also.

Shot at 1/200 f8 ISO 500 at 30mm equivalent. I shot it at f8 to make sure the background remained focussed.

Some daffodils are gently bathed in rich warm sunlight early in the morning

Finally before I headed back into Norwich to get some breakfast I had a quick poke around the top of Trowse woods knowing that as the sun rose it would begin to pierce through the trees. Finding two correctly placed Daffodils had me walking around a bit but it was totally worth it. Two images focus stacked on top of one another 1/320 f6.3 ISO640.

I’m off for a nap now..

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