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Golden Hour at Bow Creek

Making the most of Golden Hour

I love autumn because Golden Hour is really.. well.. golden. I love low angle light and during the later months it has a dramatic effect on the landscape. The past couple of days I have been shooting a fair amount (relative to the past month or so anyway!)

Bow Creek at Golden Hour

The featured image above was shot early in the morning whilst there was still some mist in the air. This helped to trap the golden light and brought out all of the colours in the autumnal leaves. There’s nothing too complicated about the shot, I just like the gentle flow of the creek and the rays of sunshine cutting through in the edge of the frame.

Yar Tor on a not so golden morning

Stormy clouds hang over Sharp Tor on DartmoorUnfortunately Golden Hour isn’t like clockwork. Whilst you can do all the preparation possible, analysing maps and get up early, a big bank of cloud can either make a shot or totally break it. In this case the light went very bland so I decided to turn the photograph black and white to draw out some of the textures and layers. Sharp Tor viewed from Yar Tor.

Corndon Memorial for Remembrance Sunday

Corndon MemorialTo refrain from being too cliché I am posting this now ready for Sunday the 11th November. I find it reassuring that people use this memorial in so many different ways.

I waited at this spot for a while to see how the sun would rise and what colours would come from it. As it turned out the cloud snuffed most of the colours out but it did reveal some interesting light nonetheless.

Sharp Tor from a different view

Sharp TorJust as I had packed up and started to head home the light popped over the bank of cloud that was causing all of the issues earlier in the morning. This revealed stunning golden like and I quickly parked back up and pulled my camera out again. It reminds me of the sort of shots Richard Fox gets.

The moral of the story is – take ‘Golden Hour’ with a pinch of salt. So often I find that the best photos can originate from either side the magical hour. I have seen dramatic colours from a sunset almost 30 minutes after it has set. Just hold on and remember it’s not over until it’s dark (or light.. you get the gist)




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