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A covent garden street performer

London street photography, whilst also finding a best man

Arranging to meet a very old friend in London gave me chance to do some street photography, coincidentally on the same day stormageddon was due to hit and bring total chaos to Britain. Apart from a few heavy showers and a stiff breeze I would hardly say it was catastrophic, certainly nothing like what the poor residents of Mooreland in Somerset are having to deal with! Without sparking off another discussion about the balance of resources (money) here’s some London street photography for you.

Not exactly the countryside

Whilst street photography is obviously very different to the usual rural lifestyle photography that I specialise in, I can’t help but be drawn to it occasionally. As much as I like to think I’m Bear Grylls jumping off mountains, in reality I’m not and every now and then I venture out of the countryside and head in to the big smoke.

As an added perk on this occasion I was trying to persuade a mate from school to be my best man, luckily he agreed but now I’m concerned about the strength of his memory. Those who watch the Inbetweeners could compare me to the character of Simon Cooper hopelessly flapping and embarrassing myself in front of every pretty girl. Either way it was nice to catch up with a mate over a few beers after a full day of photographing the streets of London.

Speak to any creative professional and they’ll agree that it is really important to experiment with different styles. Going out and asking a homeless person if I could photograph him not only adds to my confidence but also makes me appreciate the subject that I am photographing much more.

Photoshop editing for London Street Photography

The techniques used to process the images varies as well. Being a landscape photographer means I am used to usually photographing images with very small details but a lot of clarity and clear definition between earth and sky. Street photography requires more attention to the composition and editing because there are a lot of elements in the foreground and background that confuse the subject. I found it hard to make the street performer stand out with the distracting building behind and ideally would have liked to put her in silhouette but then I also didn’t fancy a knife landing on my head.

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