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Using Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets for Landscape Photography

In moderation, Lightroom preset packs like those available from Sleeklens are a great addition to a photographer’s workflow. Lightroom presets can speed up the ‘editing’ time for photographers and ensure they spend more time out taking pictures than behind a computer.

There are some pitfalls that everyone needs to be aware of however. As I have mentioned before in this blog post. One preset might work great with one image but not be suitable for another so it is worth understanding how they work first.

An image of Corbyn head edited with the Sleeklens Landscape Lightroom Presets

How to successfully edit photographs with Lightroom Presets

Sleeklens have made a range of off-the-shelf Landscape Photography Presets. As I said above, it is really important to treat these sorts of preset packs as a tool to aid your processing; not the be all and end all. They contribute to your image and workflow but you should never rely on them solely. Apply Lightroom presets as a starting point to save time and then build on the adjustments to achieve your desired results.

It is important to carefully scrutinise your images. By using Lightroom presets and speeding up workflow it is easy to miss mistakes. The image below shows some banding that has been brought out in an image as a result of over processing from the preset. This was visible in the raw file from my old Nikon but the cross processing made it stand out more.


Image edited with Sleeklens Photography Preset Pack

Left is the edited version, right is the original.


Click on the image above to see the step-by-step process that I took to create this image.

Sleeklens have carefully crafted their Landscape Photography Presets to be ‘stackable‘. This means that a base preset is added to achieve an overall effect and then a series of ‘polishing‘ presets are added to fine tune the image. You can see that I had to trial a few All in one base presets before I found one that suited the image. I then progressed up the layers much the same way that I would in Photoshop.

You can learn more about Stacking presets in their helpful video here.

A fishing boat at sunrise edited with the Sleeklens Photography Preset bundle
The original image without any Lightroom preset added

Left is the edited version, right is the original.

How do I rate the Sleeklens Landscape Photography Preset Bundle?

As a landscape photographer I was jubious about how much I would use a preset bundle over my own. I have fairly picky taste when it comes to ‘editing’ an image. With that said, I was able to achieve more artistic/creative results with the Sleeklens bundle than I would do normally.

Whistmans woods edited with a Lightroom Preset
The original unedited image

Left is the edited version, right is the original.

Key points about the Sleeklens Landscape Lightroom Preset Bundle

  • Sleelens bundles are comprehensive with a good number of creative presets to stretch a photographer’s normal workflow
  • They also offer good tutorials for installing and using the presets
  • Importantly, they have been carefully created to synchronise in a stackable fashion
  • Some of the All in One presets are a bit full on for me but offer a good way to judge the final image that I am working towards

You can buy the Sleeklens Bundle from this link:


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