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Lose Hill from The Nap - Peak District

Kinder Scout Photography Trip Feb 2014

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to camp on Kinder Scout in the Peak District, or at least that was my plan. Instead I decided to retreat to the lovely Fieldhead Campsite in Edale. Getting itchy feet from not going a proper adventure for a while I wanted to get out of the countryside and into the moors for some real time landscape photography, but the weather wasn’t going to making it easy.

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Getting soft in cushty Norfolk

Whilst I had some relative success I am the first to admit that I’ve got a bit whimpy since moving away from Dartmoor. The journey up was threatened by very heavy winds causing rail disruption between Norwich and Peterborough but luckily Greater Anglia found a train that somehow avoided it and I departed just 5 minutes late. I should explain that I was told no trains were running and I’d have an hour wait so who knows what happened.

The closer to Edale I got, the heavier the rain fell. Straight away I put full waterproofs on but still fell arse over tip within 5 minutes of setting off – seems I was a tad rusty at walking up a gradient as well.

I had decided to climb up Grindsbrook Clough to get a feel for the wind but as soon as I got close to Kinder Scout I knew instantly that it was a no go, I could barely stand and decided to retreat and get some good sleep in the campsite instead.

Far flank of Kinder Scout’s plateau

Lose Hill from The Nap - Peak District

Morning came and whilst it was still blowing a hooley it was at least bearable. I set off at 5:30am to make sure I got a good vantage point for the sunrise and (wrongly) decided to scramble up Golden Clough to try and get to Nether Tor asap. Don’t do that. It was stupid and definitely not worth the effort. Ended up just below Ringing Ridger instead where it was nicely sheltered. 20 second exposure at f14 iso 100 (D7000 & 10-24)

Walking along the Pennine Way

Vale of Edale from Swine's Back - Peak District

The wind was still strong enough to cause me to be unsteady on my feet, although it did ease as the day went on. As I was up before everyone else I decided to head down and walk the easy way along the Pennine Way around Kinder Scout and up Jacobs Ladder. 1/250 f11 iso 250 (D7000 & 17-55)

Sunset behind Broadlee Bank Tor

Broadlee Bank Tor - Peak District

Even though I walked far less than I had intended (original idea was to loop the whole of Kinder Scout) I was still bushed walking back down Grindsbrook Knoll. Partly from the lack of sleep (two blokes decided to get drunk and sing in their tent at the campsite, I’m also sure I heard a third female voice… ehem) but also from the constant wind. Either way I settled down and waited for the sun to set behind Broadlee Bank Tor but a big old lump of cloud extinguished any nice colours from blooming. Converted to B+W in Photoshop, 1/250 f9 iso 125 (D7000 & 10-24).

Hopefully I’ll get back up to the Peak District soon but apparently organising a wedding takes up a lot of time so I’m not too sure when.

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