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How sharp is the Fuji 35mm F2? 100% crop

This is a ridiculously short post but I just thought I’d chuck it out there for anyone who might want to see. I shot the below image on the weekend, wide open on the Fuji 35mm F2. The fact that is was shot at F2 was totally a mistake but after minimal processing in Lightroom, you can see how much clarity and detail this amazing little lens can resolve.

Blaen Taf Fawr-160710-01

Click on the featured image above to see it full size for a 100% crop. The detail in the grass and rocks is superb. The only editing I did was to apply my preset from this post with the sharpening settings as above and a little edge detail brushed on.

Sharpening techniques in Lightroom for Fuji X Cameras

I find that the X-trans sensor benefits from lots of detail being added. The settings above are built in to my presets with minor adjustments applied on a photo by photo basis. Bearing in mind that these shots are taken on a two year old 16mp X-E2, I am in awe at the detail that the little 35mm can muster up. This lens just gets better and better.

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