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Hi Life Fitness Pictures and Website

Ben at Hi Life was in need of some fitness pictures to illustrate his new personal training business in Croydon. I gladly jumped at the chance because it was a great way of putting all of my skills to test in one go. I do a fair bit of mountain bike photography where I like to create edgy light to make people jump out of the page (excuse the pun), on the day we chose we had beautiful weather with clear blue skies and loads of sunshine but that made things a bit tricky – it certainly made my flashes sweat!

Hi Life physical fitness pictures

Ben offers a wide range of programs and I wanted to make sure that the photos we got illustrated his work and enthusiasm. We had a few chats over skype beforehand but he kindly left a lot of the ideas up to me. As it was nice and sunny on the day I knew that the images would be fairly high contrast so I used flashes a lot to balance it out. We also met with one of Ben’s clients for a photoshoot as he wanted some informal business headshots being done. This means he has loads of material to work with in the future for other marketing and editorial uses.

Website design

responsive website designed to show fitness pictures for hi life fitnessBen also asked that I make him a website for his personal training business. You can visit it by clicking here. The most important factor for the website was that it needed to be a flexible way of showing fitness pictures and blogs for informative content marketing as well as acting like a business card for his prospective clients. It was also important to make sure that the site could be built upon in due time as Ben progresses to implement an ecommerce shop. Using the existing fitness pictures that we took on the photoshoot, I customized a wordpress theme with an interactive calender to match a colour pallet of the logo that Ben already had.

I’ve have had so much positive feedback on the site- a big thank you for all your hard work! – Ben Murphy

We’ve had great feedback from the site and it’s good to see that he has started to fill it with some content – some that even I’ve started to use. He does an exercise of the week which is great for those who want to lose the christmas belly!

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