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pony sat in a frosty field near norwich

First Frost in Norwich

Today was the first frost in Norwich and after arriving back from a Christmas break late last night, I knew that I had to get up early to get some good photos. Recently I’ve found some new energy to get out and photograph some of the landscapes surrounding Norwich, especially as the weather starts to get really dynamic, so over the next few weeks there should be some new images appearing.

Pony on the bank of the River Yare

This photo was actually the last photo of the morning as the sun had just poked up above the horizon giving a hard, edgy but warm light. The pony very kindly made its way around and modelled for me as the sun started to thaw out the grass. I am used to seeing hardy ponies like the ones on Dartmoor, but I still wonder how they stay warm enough.

Pony photo in First Frost settings: 1/25 f 5.6 iso 125 Nikon D7000 + 17-55 2.8

First Frost – First Light

First Frost on the banks of the river yare

After walking around the wet lands to the north of Earlham Park I settled on this image as the moon was just visible still. I originally wanted to frame it between the two wooden posts, but shooting that wide made the moon tiny in the frame. I prefer the composition more when focussing on just one of the posts. The camera did a good job of rendering the tones in the sky, but I added some darkness in post processing to give the image a bit more richness.

First Frost on the banks of the Yare settings: 0.8 f9 iso 200 D7000 + 17-55 2.8

Ice crystals

first frost on the ground

As I was looking for the previous image, I noticed the amazingly delicate ice crystals that had settled on this small bridge. The first frost of the year always reminds me why I love the textures and light in winter. This is a set of 6 images focus stacked on top of one another in Photoshop. No small aperture would give me sufficient depth of field to make sure everything was sharp, so by setting the camera to full manual, I focus on a number of elements in the images.

Ice Crystals photo settings: 1/30 f7.1 iso 320 D7000 + 17-55 2.8

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