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View looking back down to the Old Cottage at Blackpool Mill

Exploring Hartland in North Devon

With it being a bank holiday and all, my wife and I decided to go exploring around Hartland in North Devon. I have always loved the north coast. I grew up in Clevedon near Bristol and cut my teeth in photographing the sunsets from there. The area around Hartland though is beautiful. After some advice from The Shed we cruised up enjoying a remarkably peaceful drive.


Walking around Hartland Quay


Parking at the Hartland Quay is only £2 which is bargainous. Starting at the top level we headed out North past the derelict tower and down in to the next valley.

Derelict tower near Hartland QuayThe stomp back up the hill to the ridge line is steep but nothing too strenuous. Follow the normal South West Coast Path yellow markers through a little farm and along the lanes passing one right hand turn and taking the second to walk down the hill at er..Downe. This brings you out nicely at the entrance to the Abbey.

Hartland-160430-03 The roots on the side of Hartland Abbey Hartland-160430-04

Following the road and waymarked paths back to the hotel, we then made our way over to the Waterfall at Speke’s Mill Mouth. We had planned on walking a loop down to Docton’s Mill which I’m sure is equally as easy going but timing didn’t allow (I wanted to make sure I got a north coast sunset in).

Speke's Mill Waterfall near Hartland Quay in black and white Another Waterfall near Hartland

Hoping for a classic north coast sunset

After some a but of food in the Hartland Quay hotel (which was good with a friendly atmosphere) I headed out on to the beach to wait for sunset. The golden light lit up the dramatic cliffs nicely and I managed to get a nice reflection even though I forgot a polariser!


Struggling to find a decent composition down on the rocks, I headed back up to take a higher stand point. For the next shot, I bracketed three exposures and blended them in Lightroom via the HDR tool.


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