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perspective camera deconstructed

How does a DSLR work? Curiosity killed the camera.

Well that’s not strictly true. A very heavy thunderstorm in the south of France killed my trusty D3000 (my first DSLR) but now I can report it’s definitely finished off.

As I pack up my office in preparation for moving back to the south west I’ve had some tough decisions to make. I’ve accumulated a whole load of ‘stuff’. Not just camera stuff either, I found a load of fancy brochures from my degree days of glass curtain facades and structural elements, I have no idea why I kept them.

Some of the hardest choices to make when throwing things out came to the copious amounts of photography ‘stuff’. Stuff that hasn’t ever been used, some stuff I didn’t even know what it did. So it had to go in the bin.

I couldn’t throw my Nikon D3000 out without giving it a good send off. I learned so much with it, paramount of which was not to knock it over on the tripod, nor to drop it on my toe. I have always been curious to know what goes on inside a SLR camera, so I decided to bit-by-bit strip it down.

All I can say is, next time a loved one questions why you need to spend so much money on a camera, just show them this photo. I lost count how many little screws there were. The engineering is fantastic. I’m sure any similar Canon or Sony would be just as clever, this isn’t a Nikon is King argument. All camera designers deserve a pat on the back.

Lighting a stripped down D3000 to it’s component parts

Lit with a brolly and SB800 camera right pointing quite steeply down to minimize shadows. Then cut and dropped on to a white background in photoshop. Now I’m off to print and frame this, it’ll be going on the wall of our new place in South Devon, watch this space.

Inside a Nikon D3000

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