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Rural Landscape Photography

Rural Landscape Photography – The countryside that we live, work and play in.

Growing up in a small countryside town called Clevedon in the south west meant that I was always immersed in a rural lifestyle. My fondest memories are of early walks up in the Mendips and going cycling in the local woods – way before my parents allowed it.

I have always enjoyed the countryside and began photographing it at an early age. Living in such a picturesque countryside meant that landscape photography came very naturally. I am really lucky to have so many opportunities to photograph the rural lifestyle around us because everything I do revolves around the outdoors.

My approach to landscape photography is that hard work pays off. In one way or another I will usually come home with at least one image that I am happy with, simply because I can adapt to the environment around me. There is rarely a bad day for photographing the beautiful countryside. Wherever there is light my belief is that it can be photographed. However it’s rarely easy and I regularly find myself perched on top of a Welsh mountain or a soggy Norfolk Beach at silly hours in the morning, usually in the cold. Rural landscape photography is an art that rewards those that are willing to put the effort in.

Landscape Photography and Photoshop

I hope that you enjoy looking through the images above that are just a small selection of some of my favourite rural landscape photography. I pride myself in being a perfectionist with my post processing work and whilst I admit my photographs regularly go through Photoshop, I don’t agree with making them hyper real. What our eyes see is different to the sensor in a camera, we have a far higher dynamic range in our eyesight and we can see the scene for all of it’s beauty. A camera on the other hand is limited to the detail that it can ‘see’ in either the highlights or shadows, not both. My photographs are simply brought back to a representation of what I saw on the day.

Many of these prints are available to purchase here in a variety of sizes and mediums, however if you would like a specific product please feel free to contact me.

My work in this field

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Morning mist surrounding Widecombe in the Moor Church

My favourite Dartmoor Sunrise yet.

I do love it when a plan comes together. The forecast for this morning was a foggy one. After spending the night camped out in sub zero temperatures on Tuesday…

Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
A photo of the north face of Great Mis covered in a blanket of snow

Dartmoor covered in snow, White Tor

For the past few weeks, dartmoor has been covered in snow and it has been glorious. Even though I sprained my ankle (an old a very repetitive injury) during the…

Dartmoor Photography Walks, Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
Venford Waterfall on Dartmoor

Secret Waterfall on Dartmoor

There are no shortage of waterfalls on Dartmoor but this one found near Combestone Tor is definitely my favourite. I'm not going to give the exact location, partly because it…

Dartmoor Photography Walks, Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
Wistmans ancient woodland on Dartmoor

Wistman’s Woods and Horseshoe Falls

I finally had chance to put the Tokina 12-28mm through it's paces the other day. I headed up to Wistman's Woods just a few km north of Two Bridges. The…

Landscapes, Portfolio, Wild Camping on Dartmoor
Golden sidelight on sheep early in the morning on Sittaford Tor

Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor Wild Camp

I have had such a hectic few weeks (months) with getting married, moving back to Devon and spending a lot of time working on the house. As a result, it's…

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A beautiful sunset from Muckleburgh Hill in North Norfolk

Wild camping in North Norfolk

So this weekend I did something a bit controversial, I wild camped near the North Norfolk Coast. It's a funny one because whilst I am certain I am not the…

Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
Lose Hill from The Nap - Peak District

Kinder Scout Photography Trip Feb 2014

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to camp on Kinder Scout in the Peak District, or at least that was my plan. Instead I decided to retreat to…

Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
roman settlement in norfolk venta icenorum at sunrise

Venta Icenorum – A winter wonderland in Norfolk

It's not very often that you have the feeling deep down that you're on to a winner, but this morning as soon as I left the house and saw the…

Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
pony sat in a frosty field near norwich

First Frost in Norwich

Today was the first frost in Norwich and after arriving back from a Christmas break late last night, I knew that I had to get up early to get some…

Landscapes, Photography, Portfolio
Little Melton, Norfolk

Little Melton, Norfolk Sunset

Not much to say about this, there is a little brick hut on the top of a hill that I rode past a while ago. It is in the perfect…

Landscapes, Portfolio
Old Buckenham Windmill

Old Buckenham Windmill

Last week I took advantage of the changeable weather and headed out on the bike. I was aiming for New Buckenham Castle, about 20 miles away from Norwich which was…