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Dartmoor Photography Walks
Gorgeous autumn light in Dartington Hall Gardens

Dartington Hall and the River Dart in Autumn

If you live in Devon and you’re wondering where to go to see some beautiful autumn colours, then look at Dartington Hall Gardens. I was late in to the office yesterday because I couldn’t pull myself away from the amazing conditions around Dartington.

Walk from Totnes to Dartington Hall.

The best way to explore this little pocket is to catch the train in to Totnes and walk along the River Dart until you reach the Dartington Hall drive which leads to the hall and onwards. A stroll through the hall gardens is a treat for the eyes at this time of year with little nooks of colour hidden away.


Dappled light finding hidden pockets of Dartington Hall Gardens

Devon mist over the River Dart

Devon is a haven for misty conditions as the cool air condenses around over the many rivers. Photographers like Adam Burton and Richard Fox are pro and finding locations to shoot down on the mist from high vantage points but I often find myself inside it. A nice inversion is great but I love capturing light when it is being absorbed by misty conditions.


A misty sunrise at the Totnes weir.

The River Dart shrouded in mist

The River Dart shrouded in mist

dartington hall drive

The copse on the edge the drive to Dartington Hall

Early morning mist on over the Dart Valley

Mist over the Dart Valley near Dartington

Autumn colours in Dartington Hall Gardens

A striking tree in Autumn colours at Dartington Hall Gardens


Very autumn scene with low golden sunlight

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