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Christmas wine and the associated cheer by default

This time of year there is always plenty of wine flowing at the Foras HQ, and after a few glasses last night, one thing led to another. Out came the glue gun and on went the thinking caps to get innovative, bearing in mind this shot was done on my own, no outside help.


wine being poured into a glass

1/125, f11 iso320


I fabricated a little stand for the glass out of cardboard and a glue gun, then made sure no mess was to happen. Setting up the lights took a little while, and then framing up the shot, but really it’s all just a bit of fun.

I had an SB800 through a small soft box behind the glass and a SB700 camera right, neither very high power (around 1/16th) and both set to SU-4 mode.


Have a lovely Christmas everyone and a very happy new year. Onwards to January!

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