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Lowe Alpine Manaslu Back Pack Review

Lowe Alpine Manaslu 65:75 Review and Scotland Kit List

I uploaded a photo to Instagram of all of my kit laid out ready for testing last night and it seemed to get a bit of attention. @danielgroves suggested that…

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Steeperton Wild Camp-160617-11

Steeperton Microadventure Wild Camp

Many years ago I read a blog written by Alastair Humphreys on microadventures. [Edit, everyone should read his book on Microadventures] He was partly responsible for me returning to the…

Photography, Wild Camping on Dartmoor
Sheeps Tor-160515-09

Wild camping on Sheeps Tor, Dartmoor

This weekend I met up with some more people from the Facebook Group, Dartmoor & Exmoor Wild Campers on Sheeps Tor. It was a great weekend meeting new people and…

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A pretty waterfall on Dartmoor with good access

Hartor wild camp and Shavercombe Waterfall

This wild camp, that features Shavercombe Waterfall, is a great one to do quickly. It doesn't involve lots of walking but offers a comfortable nights sleep on the moor. If,…

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Steeperton tor-150919-01

Steeperton Tor wild camping kit list

As my wife was working nights this weekend, I was politely asked to vacate the house so she could sleep during the day. I haven't been out wild camping for…

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Climbing the large slag heap at Red lake on Dartmoor

Wild camping at Broad Falls, Dartmoor

Broad Falls offers a great wild camping spot that feels very remote without a big or difficult trek. This weekend began with meeting Dan at Ivybridge who introduced me to…

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Thick fog in Foggintor, Princetown, Dartmoor

Foggintor wild camping on Dartmoor

A chance arose for Dan and I to go wild camping on Dartmoor this weekend. Originally we were looking at parking in Peter Tavy and doing a loop with Great…

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Golden sidelight on sheep early in the morning on Sittaford Tor

Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor Wild Camp

I have had such a hectic few weeks (months) with getting married, moving back to Devon and spending a lot of time working on the house. As a result, it's…