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Andrei Burton riding in a derelict warehouse in Exeter

Andrei Burton, UK Pro trials rider photos

It seems as though it has been a life time since I have photographed anyone riding, let alone such a decent (and awesome) bloke as Andrei who invited me to…

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Ed and Eloise's Wedding, July 14

Ed and Eloise’s Wedding Photography

Photographing Ed and Eloise's wedding was a mixture of hard work and fun. It was hot, like really really hot! I've photographed weddings that have been hot and a bit…

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Scott Cordy Stanton Rider

Portrait Photos of Stanton Rider Scott Cordy

Before we headed down to the UEA 5by3 XC race last weekend, I convinced Scott to model for me as he prep'd his bike. The idea was to get some…

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Michelle’s 50th Birthday Photography Album

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Scott Cordy tweaking some cool BMX tricks

Pulling some cool BMX tricks in Eaton Park

Summer is for watching people pull BMX tricks like this Scott is known about Norwich for being pretty handy with his Stanton Slackline, but he's also pretty nifty at pulling…

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Alex and Ellie’s Wedding – Berkeley Hotel in Clifton

If you're after the Full Photo Album for Alex and Ellie's Wedding, Click here. You will need to contact Alex or Ellie to obtain the password. Alex and Ellie's Wedding…

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Kim Harvey

Kim Harvey