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Using Sleeklens Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets for Landscape Photography

In moderation, Lightroom preset packs like those available from Sleeklens are a great addition to a photographer's workflow. Lightroom presets can speed up the 'editing' time for photographers and ensure…

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Sunset over the Teign Estuary in Devon

Six weeks in the making [perseverance]

A lesson in perseverance. Landscape photography never comes easy and as photographers we are often met with disappointment. The photo above has taken me six weeks to capture. Why patience is…

Eastern White Barrow-160729-02

The importance of hot meals when camping

I pondered the importance of eating a proper hot meal this weekend. Dartmoor clearly wasn't playing ball with the weather so I was just glad to have come prepared, as…

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How sharp is the Fuji 35mm F2? 100% crop

This is a ridiculously short post but I just thought I'd chuck it out there for anyone who might want to see. I shot the below image on the weekend,…

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Asmall foot patrol from DSRT Ashburton

Supporting DSRT Ashburton at the 2016 Ten Tors

Every year the Ten Tors event is run as a training exercise for the British Military and a challenge for youths taking their first steps in to the wilderness. I…

Dartmoor search and rescue Ashburton_005

Volunteering with Dartmoor Search and Rescue

Did you know that the Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams cover the whole Devon county, not just Dartmoor. I am proudly an active member of the dart2ZERO sub-charity that is…

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Steeperton tor-150919-01

Steeperton Tor wild camping kit list

As my wife was working nights this weekend, I was politely asked to vacate the house so she could sleep during the day. I haven't been out wild camping for…

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Jetboil MiniMo Review UK

Review of the new Jetboil Mini Mo

This weekend was a chance to try out the new Jetboil MiniMo that I picked up en route. I have been in need of a new stove for a long…

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Walking down the breakwater at Brixham with a view of the sunrise

How to plan a landscape photography shoot

One of the most important things required to get a great photo is learning how to plan a landscape photography shoot. Good planning behind a shoot will be the thing that…

styunning sunrise from this morning

Beautiful Norwich Sunrise

We were treated to this magnificant sunrise this morning so I thought I would make a quick desktop wallpaper from it. Feel free to share it around with family and…

My Second place winning submission for the Plymouth RIBA Photography competition

The Fluid Appropriator – 2010 RIBA Photography Competition