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Scott Cordy tweaking some cool BMX tricks

Pulling some cool BMX tricks in Eaton Park

Summer is for watching people pull BMX tricks like this

Scott is known about Norwich for being pretty handy with his Stanton Slackline, but he’s also pretty nifty at pulling some ace BMX tricks as well. I love summer because it is perfect for riding much later in to the evening and you can pretty much guarantee the slightly more wild BMX tricks start to come out. With a good group of people pushing each other on, riders like Scott start to go bigger and deeper in to their list of BMX tricks. Watch this space as I aim to push Scott to the edge of his comfort zone and see how big he’ll go!

Some more BMX tricks

1/250 f13 iso 400

Photo Techniques – Lighting Set Up

Lighting Set up of Scott at Eaton Park

Lighting Set up of Scott at Eaton Park

I was planning on heading down to Venta Icenorum but after an impromptu message to Scott I found out he wanted to ride. I have wanted to get an image like this for a few months now with a dark underexposed sky and the rider lit up with flashes.

More and more recently I have been using Nikon’s CLS rather than wireless triggers because I really like the speed of set up and lack of ‘fiddling’. However for a shot like this where you are exposing it unconventionally it is worth going back to basics.

With both flashes zoomed it a fair amount to ‘pool’ Scott with light instead of lighting up the whole scene, they also had to be set to nearly full power to correctly light Scott as he pulled the different BMX tricks.

The tricky bit of getting these images was to compose them in a way that showed off Scott’s riding for what it really is. Personally I prefer the creative angles of the top (featured) image but the image just above shows how Scott’s tabletop is really flat.

Either way I am happy with how I got the flashes set up, as is often the case, it is very easy to over expose an image and blow out detail without they aid of TTL.

Author: Mike French

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