Mike French
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Mike French | Portrait and Landscape Photographer in Devon

I specialise in portrait photography and documenting the amazing landscapes around the southwest.

Ever since I was young I have been drawn to the outdoors. As I’ve grown up in the area I started wild camping and finding the best views of the rural countryside that I could.

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Snowy moor-160116-04

The first snow on Dartmoor this winter

I was eagerly awaiting the first snow on Dartmoor after what seemed like an eternity of damp and unseasonably warm temperatures. We might have only had a couple of days of…

Sunset off Cornwall's coast

Why I love Fuji X Cameras

Following a comment about too much photoshop on one of my images, I have dug my filters back out and started to pull my socks up. Really I should thank…

Steeperton tor-150919-01

Steeperton Tor wild camping kit list

As my wife was working nights this weekend, I was politely asked to vacate the house so she could sleep during the day. I haven't been out wild camping for…

Architecture, Photography
Fuji X-E2 travel photography in Antwerp

Photographing Antwerp with the Fuji X-E2

If you have read any of my other posts, by now you will know that I am a converted Fuji fan. This trip to Antwerp (to see Fleetwood Mac, who…

Climbing the large slag heap at Red lake on Dartmoor

Wild camping at Broad Falls, Dartmoor

Broad Falls offers a great wild camping spot that feels very remote without a big or difficult trek. This weekend began with meeting Dan at Ivybridge who introduced me to…

The kit that I am using for taking my landscape photos at the moment

Fuji X-E2 review for Landscape Photographers

Back in March I jumped ship from Nikon after nearly 9 years. Here I shall explain why and hopefully settle the conscience of others considering the similar change - why…

First few test shots from my new Fuji X-E2 compact system camera

Fuji X-E2 First sample shots

I have joined the Fuji revolution. It's a sad day when I have to trade in all of my Nikon gear that I have grown to love and has been…

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Jetboil MiniMo Review UK

Review of the new Jetboil Mini Mo

This weekend was a chance to try out the new Jetboil MiniMo that I picked up en route. I have been in need of a new stove for a long…

Thick fog in Foggintor, Princetown, Dartmoor

Foggintor wild camping on Dartmoor

A chance arose for Dan and I to go wild camping on Dartmoor this weekend. Originally we were looking at parking in Peter Tavy and doing a loop with Great…