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How sharp is the Fuji 35mm F2? 100% crop

This is a ridiculously short post but I just thought I'd chuck it out there for anyone who might want to see. I shot the below image on the weekend,…

Photography, Tutorial

Faded Vintage Photography Preset in Lightroom

I've spent the past few hours perfecting a new preset for the Matte Fade Vintage Photography look. Below is a run through of how I made it. How do I…

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Professional product photography

Looking at my recent posts it is clear that I have been doing a lot of landscape photography recently. This is actually just a small part of the photography and…

Photography, Wild Camping on Dartmoor
Steeperton Wild Camp-160617-11

Steeperton Microadventure Wild Camp

Many years ago I read a blog written by Alastair Humphreys on microadventures. He was partly responsible for me returning to the outdoors and getting back into wild camping again after…

Photography, Wild Camping on Dartmoor
Sheeps Tor-160515-09

Wild camping on Sheeps Tor, Dartmoor

This weekend I met up with some more people from the Facebook Group, Dartmoor & Exmoor Wild Campers on Sheeps Tor. It was a great weekend meeting new people and…

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Asmall foot patrol from DSRT Ashburton

Supporting DSRT Ashburton at the 2016 Ten Tors

Every year the Ten Tors event is run as a training exercise for the British Military and a challenge for youths taking their first steps in to the wilderness. I…

Photography, SW Coast Path
View looking back down to the Old Cottage at Blackpool Mill

Exploring Hartland in North Devon

With it being a bank holiday and all, my wife and I decided to go exploring around Hartland in North Devon. I have always loved the north coast. I grew…

Dartmoor search and rescue Ashburton_005

Volunteering with Dartmoor Search and Rescue

Did you know that the Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams cover the whole Devon county, not just Dartmoor. I am proudly an active member of the dart2ZERO sub-charity that is…

Photography, Wild Camping on Dartmoor
A pretty waterfall on Dartmoor with good access

Hartor wild camp and Shavercombe Waterfall

This wild camp that features Shavercombe Waterfall is a great one to do quickly. It doesn't involve lots of walking but offers a comfortable nights sleep on the moor. If,…