Mike French
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Portrait and Landscape Photography in Devon

I’m Mike and I’m a photographer living in South Devon.

I specialise in  portrait photography and documenting the amazing landscapes around the southwest.

Ever since I was young I have been drawn to the outdoors. As I’ve grown up in the area I started wild camping and finding the best views of the rural countryside that I could.

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Walking down the breakwater at Brixham with a view of the sunrise

How to plan a landscape photography shoot

One of the most important things required to get a great photo is learning how to plan a landscape photography shoot. Good planning behind a shoot will be the thing that…

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A photo of the north face of Great Mis covered in a blanket of snow

Dartmoor covered in snow, White Tor

For the past few weeks, dartmoor has been covered in snow and it has been glorious. Even though I sprained my ankle (an old a very repetitive injury) during the…

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Andrei Burton riding in a derelict warehouse in Exeter

Andrei Burton, UK Pro trials rider photos

It seems as though it has been a life time since I have photographed anyone riding, let alone such a decent (and awesome) bloke as Andrei who invited me to…

Golden Hour at Bow Creek

Making the most of Golden Hour

I love autumn because Golden Hour is really.. well.. golden. I love low angle light and during the later months it has a dramatic effect on the landscape. The past…

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Venford Waterfall on Dartmoor

Secret Waterfall on Dartmoor

There are no shortage of waterfalls on Dartmoor but this one found Coombestone Tor is definitely my favourite. I'm not going to give the exact location, partly because it took…

Giottos MTL9351B

Giottos MTL9351B + MH1312 Tripod Review

Now it comes as no surprise that as photographer who spends a lot of his time wild camping a lot of my kit gets a fair amount of abuse. The Giottos…

The 2014 VW polo TDI

VW Polo TDI – The perfect car?

After someone backed into Millie the Micra the other week, we have had this lovely VW Polo TDI on hire and I think it might just be the ultimate photographers…

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Wistmans ancient woodland on Dartmoor

Wistman’s Woods and Horseshoe Falls

I finally had chance to put the Tokina 12-28mm through it's paces the other day. I headed up to Wistman's Woods just a few km north of Two Bridges. The…


Tokina 12-28mm F4 Review with Crops

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see my new Tokina 12-28mm F4 Lens turn up at the door. It looks like I got the last one at Wex as…